Naar hoofdinhoud

In-situ test campaign on innovative resin grouted micropiles.

An in-situ test campaign was recently performed in the facilities of the BBRI to study the geotechnical behavior of innovative resin grouted micropiles, consisting of hollow steel anchor bars covered by hardened resin. After the installation of hollow steel bars into the ground by dry drilling, expanding and curing synthetic resins are injected, throughout the hollow steel bars and they penetrate, at several depths via openings, into the surrounding soil to form, after chemical reaction, hardened resin bodies around the steel bars. These new grouting type micropiles can be used for ground improvement works or for stabilizing existing foundations by soil consolidation generally up to a depth of five meter. In the case of underpinning projects, the individual resin grouted micropiles and the existing foundation are then fastened together. The purpose of the present experimental test campaign was first to study the feasibility of the installation process of these resin grouted micropiles. Static load tests (SLT's) were then performed on six individual resin grouted micropiles to analyze their load-settlement behavior and to determine their bearing capacity when subjected to compressive loads.